How long should my child stay alone?

Ferber suggests the following intervals in his book:

1.During your first night:

✓The first time you should leave the room for three minutes;

✓The second time — five minutes;

✓For the third and any following waiting periods -around 10 minutes.

2.During your next evening:

✓The first time you should leave the room for five minutes;

✓The second time – ten minutes;

✓For the third and any following waiting periods – around 12 minutes.

3.Try to increase the times gradually each evening.

There is nothing special about those periods. You can pick any length of time you feel satisfied with. Just stick with it.

Practical tips from parents and experts:

✓One of the most important task for the parents is to set the stage correctly before attempting to implement the “Cry it Out” method. Start with developing a proper bedtime routine and stick to it. Do not skip giving a baby a bath, reading a book, picking a lullaby, and putting the child to bed at the same time, helping him to know what to expect. It also helps to have a consistent daytime schedule that includes naps.

✓Make sure you have a solid plan. You and your partner must be ready practically and emotionally for sleep training to begin. Pick your launch date considering any trips, holidays ,or visits from your relatives. Discuss the plan’s details with your spouse and make sure you both agree on how to proceed. Be ready to support each other all the time

✓Sticking to the schedule is critical, and consistency is the key. Follow through with it for a couple of weeks. Only if your child isn’t physically or emotionally ready, you could hold for a while. Your efforts will be wasted if in the middle of the night you become tempted to give in and hold or rock the child. If you do that, be ready to start the program again.

✓Prepare  to miss a little sleep. it is a goof idea to begin the “cry it out ” method on a Friday night, so you will be able to catch up on lost sleep by Monday. 

Be ready for a few troublesome nights. As every parent knows, hearing your baby crying is quite painful. You don’t have to catch every whimper during the waiting periods. As someparents say, The first week could be rough. Try to relax and know that when it’s all over, everyone in your household is going to sleep more easily and happily.

The best approach is to make it team work. While waiting, do something pleasant with your spouse, listen to relaxing music, play games, or just talk. After a while, if you find thecrying unbearable, let your partner take over and take a walk or have a warm bath. Feeling refreshed, you will be able to give him time to relax.

Write it down and often read your primary intention: To allow both yourself and your child a healthy night’s sleep.
Expect setbacks even after you’ve successfully done with sleep training. It is common for children to regress from time to time, like when the child gets sick or when you’re traveling.
✓Every family is different, and you should adapt it to fit yours if you find it too harsh, you can apply a much more gradual strategy. Ferber’s seven-day program can be stretch out for over 14 days. you could increase the wait every other night, not every night.

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