Entertains you Childs: Crafts, Cooking, Outdoor Activities


At some point between birth and leaving your house for the big bad real world, children need to learn to cook a few things. By involving them in simple steps of food preparation , you will learn how to set them on the path to never going hungry.


Make sure you have enough time. Not every mealtime is the ideal co-cooking experience. Having company over? Need a perfect soufflé? Pick a different day.

Create a safe environment. A misshapen pizza or lumpy meatloaf is still edible. Don’t sweat imperfection. Support the process by aiming low so no one’s disappointed. And remember to keep smiling.

Invite input. Does your child want to add olives to lemonade? That’s a great idea—in his own glass. Encourage suggestions for flavor combinations. If the food doesn’t taste great, talk about what might have happened so you can both learn. Is it too salty? Too spicy? Help your child develop tastes as well as opinions.

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